The MIT Card Counting Team – Infamous Gambling Fraud

Playing best online casinos is not without drama. There are several people who are more than certain that they are able to overcome the system and try to deal with the best online casinos. Test how many, if not all, will eventually catch them and then expel them for life.


Going back in time to the most popular brick and mortar casinos, there are some who, in fact, beat the casinos for a short time, leaving them a place in the history of the casino. One of these legendary stories came from Las Vegas and from the MIT map counting team.


This particular story is really amazing because overcoming the obstacles in any popular casino game, in this case, requires special skills, extensive training and a lot of patience. Join the MIT team, a group of visibly ambitious and incredibly intelligent college students. Because of their IQ in math and science, the team has developed an incredible talent for card counting.


cards in long sleeves


During the 1980s, these students played poker and other casino games just for fun. Soon after, they decided to explore how smart they were to try to beat a casino. Finally, a former MIT professor decided to gather a group of students and put them to the test. After carefully eliminating the weakest players, he finally formed a group of students with the inept ability to count the cards. It was at this point that the training began, the teacher taught them the discipline and the use of verbal and non-verbal cues to beat the casino.


It was in the 90s when the team played at its best. They would bet tens of thousands of dollars per hand and the casinos, as you know, loved the big spenders. These popular casinos had no idea what was really going on … well, not at the moment. Although there is no official account of their winnings, some believe that the team has betrayed the casinos for millions of dollars. Surprisingly, they ran their card counting rounds on weekends, then returned to school on Monday and played the role of average student.


Believe it or not, it is not the casino that has met the MIT team. Unfortunately, they met and, finally, it was their huge ego that was defeated. Money, free travel and VIP status went directly to the head, which is understandable for a group of children. Casino security began to notice their mistakes, including the type of friends. The casinos began to notice that the team walked more often than they should.


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The team was finally expelled from the casinos.


You can see the accelerated action of his adventures in a movie titled “21”. It stars Kevin Spacey as a teacher and Kate Bosworth as one of MIT’s legendary card counting teams. For the real team, it did not stop there. They tried to change their identity and return to the tables, but the security of the casino has become smart. It is rumored that some team members still play in the European online casino today. Maybe this time, they learned from their mistakes and earned a lot of money.


Do you wonder why nobody ended up in jail? Incredibly, what they were doing was not illegal. You see, counting the cards in your head is almost impossible to prove. Unless the CIA offers mental reading technology and sells it to casinos, card counting will go completely unnoticed for all eternity.

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